Development Update – March 2022

Hey folks,

It’s time to go through some new updates again, although there aren’t quite as many this time as I’ve been a bit more occupied with other things lately.


I have finally added support for The End, which has been on my to-do list for quite some time but I always ended up working on other features and changes for some reason. Regardless of that it’s finally here, and as you might expect it mirrors The End in the regular Kappa Shader in most aspects, with the obvious additional features of KappaPT on top. Aside from that I’ve made a few quality-of-life changes again, which includes the optional lightleak workaround as well as a slightly better structure of lighting related settings. See the latest update post for some details on that.

As I am somewhat starting to run into the limitations (and bugs) of OptiFine again, updates have unfortunately stalled a bit as of late, though I see this as an opportunity to go through the things that have been on my to-do list for a longer while now. The next thing I’d like to take a stab at would be path-traced refractions, which I am sure many of you will like :)

  • KappaPT and Patrix' Resourcepack


Settings to control the emission colours are now finally also a thing in NostalgiaVX, which I am sure most of you will appreciate, and additionally I have also fixed some lighting colour related settings that were somehow not affecting anything. Aside from that there have been no major additions as of late, but rather just some other small fixes and tweaks while I am trying to figure out a very odd issue that affects nVidia users (and seemingly only some of them… again). In essence there is a rather weird bug going on that breaks the accumulation of the path-traced lighting over time, which in turn leads to visual artefacts. Given that this is a pretty severe issue for those affected by it, it’s a rather high priority thing that I want to get ironed out quickly.

Last but not least, Hodilton also made a showcase using NostalgiaVX which I have already featured in the last update post for NostalgiaVX, but since not all of you might have seen it I’d like to feature it again here :p

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Other packs and projects

The weather update as well as release 4.2 for Kappa Shader are still on their way, but as I’ve been a bit occupied as of late I wasn’t able to make much progress on them yet, though I intend to finish up 4.2 this month so that I can focus on the weather update afterwards.

The unnamed pack using path-traced lighting that is rather soft is also still in development and will have its proper announcement once I have worked out the exact visual style of it. Stay tuned for that as this could turn into quite an interesting pack. As some of you have also been asking about it being paid or not, it might actually end up being both, as in a regularly updated paid version and occasional major updates that are free. After all we can’t just let PTGI be without competition as the only (somewhat matured) free voxel path-tracing pack :p

Closing words

It’s, guess what, time for another huge shout-out to my patrons given the fact that last month ended up being a record again. I don’t know how you guys manage to just keep going like this but I won’t complain about it xD

As you probably know already I am just really grateful for this and appreciate the massive support that lets me spend so much time on these projects :)

And that’s it for this month really, hope you enjoyed the updates and see you folks next time.


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