Soft Voxels Lite Release


Soft Voxels Lite, which is the free edition of Soft Voxels, is now released on curseforge as I promised a few months ago when Soft Voxels launched. This probably makes it the first shaderpack with worldspace path-tracing on curseforge so far :p

The major differences between of the lite edition compared to the regular edition so far are:

  • only overworld is supported
  • no volumetric fog
  • no worldspace reflections
  • less regular updates

It’ll most likely stay at its current featureset for a while, since my intention is for it to be focused on the core features, which should still provide you with a pretty good experience :)


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.
Curseforge and Modrinth allow me to gain some benefit through their respective rewards-programs, so you are encouraged to download from there unless they’re unreachable.

Make sure to visit my discord server for support, development progress and other information.

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