Nostalgia Shader v3.0 – A massive update

The long awaited massive overhaul is finally here. Allow me to introduce some of the key improvements over previous versions of Nostalgia Shader, as it has been revamped all-around. Not only did color grading and tonemapping recieve an absolutely staggering overhaul by fully switching to the ACES colorspace internally (the same thing that was responsible for the massive color improvements of Kappa Shader 3.0) but the atmospherics have also seen a steep improvement. Water for example (which has been a traditional weakpoint of my packs) has been vastly improved and now actually looks like water as well as fog having recieved some big visual improvements.

Despite all of these big changes version 3.0 still remains faithful to its original visual style, but is executing it in a much more refined way than before. On the flipside the performance has taken a minor hit, which I will sort out with the next big update that will utilise some very recent OptiFine additions.

The visuals certainly speak for themselves so I'll jump to the full changelog. Enjoy this update.


  • fully overhauled color grading
    • ACES tonemap
  • switched to ACEScg colorspace for internal rendering
  • reworked color palette
    • overall much nicer and vibrant colors throughout the day
  • improved volumetric clouds
    • especially lighting
  • improved sky gradient
  • improved volumetric fog
  • vastly improved water
    • added caustics
    • improved color
    • improved absorption
  • added parallax occlusion mapping
  • added support for 1.16 nether biomes
  • added directional lightmaps
  • added lightmap smoothing
  • added screenspace contact shadows
  • added variable penumbra shadows
  • improved auto exposure
  • improved ambient occlusion
  • vastly improved reflections and resourcepack support
  • added depth of field
  • added chapman lens flare
  • improved "legacy" flare
  • added chunk edge hiding fog
  • atmospherics now use world time for animation, allowing you to sync clouds up between players on a server
  • temporarily removed cloud shadows
  • removed water volume


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Nostalgia Shader v3.0 Nostalgia Shader v3.0


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