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Oi folks, its time…

KappaPT finally has reached a state where I would consider is usable (although currently still unfinished in some parts) so I have decided to finally make it available on patreon. The exact specifics of its availability are detailed on its project page, but for the sake of convenience I will repeat them here: KappaPT will initially be available for Tier 3 Patrons (10€), with less frequently updated but in turn more stable versions being available for Tier 2 (5€). Once the pack has reached a sufficiently stable state the likelyhood of a free “lite” version is high, which will lack some of the bleeding edge features but should be sufficient for normal gameplay if you can’t or don’t want to spend money on it. In the meantime until said free version is available the normal Kappa Shader should provide more than reasonably good results, especially with its new SSPT emission which has brought it a big step closer to the results of path-traced shaderpacks when it comes to the prominent colored lighting and global illumination.

I’ll go ahead and give you an overview of the current state of it. Future update blogs will then build on this.

First off, the mostly usable or finished things:

  • Direct sunlight
    • including VPS, contact shadows and subsurface scattering
    • mostly identical to Kappa 4.0
  • Sky and Atmospherics
    • Clouds and Atmosphere
      • identical to Kappa 4.0
    • Volumetric Fog
  • Post Processing, identical to Kappa 4.0 as a whole
    • Depth of Field
    • Motionblur
    • Lens Flare
    • ACES Tonemapping
    • Color Grading tools
    • Bloom
    • Image based Auto Exposure
  • Path Traced Indirect Lighting
    • Colored Block Emission
    • Accurate Skylight and Ambient Occlusion
    • Global Illumination
    • Partial Noncubic Handling
    • SSPT for short range detail or unvoxelisable Objects
    • SVGF Filtering (Work in Progress)
      • May still have some occasional artifacts
    • Adaptive Accumulation (Work in Progress, disabled by Default due to that)
      • Provides improved responsiveness to lighting changes similar to A-SVGF

And now the unfinished or missing things:

  • reflections (missing)
  • translucency lighting
  • PT lighting tinting through translucent blocks (missing
  • weather particles (missing)
  • colored shadows and caustics (missing)
  • block mappings
    • thanks to the flattening the amount of individual block mappings for different kinds of shapes is immense so expect some of them to be missing currently


Thats pretty much all information I can give right now, so now its time for you to enjoy the pack if you’re a patron.


Make sure to visit my discord server for support, development progress and other information.


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