Kappa Shader v5.0a

Hey folks,

it’s time for a minor update of Kappa Shader, as there have been a few bugs that I missed in the release of 5.0, specifically some issues with nVidia drivers which were quite annoying to figure out.

In addition to that I’ve also done some minor improvements to the TAAU, which should produce some nicer results with a bit less ghosting now.

Another issue I noticed was lightning strikes not properly lighting up the terrain through indirect light and reflections, which is supposed to be a major part of creating more immersive weather effects in 5.0. In addition to that the settings that control the weather system when you disabled its randomised weather drive were broken, which caused the cirrus and cirrocumulus clouds to constantly be at maximum coverage.

Last but not least I added some small scale SSAO to indirect lighting, which should make skylight look a lot nicer as it brings back some extra occlusion detail that gets eaten up by the denoiser otherwise.

I hope you enjoy this little quality-of-life update :)


  • Improved TAAU
    • Improved neighbourhood clipping with slightly less ghosting and more stable results with small scale details
    • Adjusted parameters of the FXAA pass to be less “smushy”
    • Adjusted Lanczos resampling to produce sharper results
    • Improved off-center rejection to reduce blur in motion
  • Fixed broken auto-exposure when disabling bloom
  • Added small scale SSAO to indirect lighting
  • Adjusted cirrus and cirrostratus clouds to blend better with the skybox
  • Expanded SSPT lightmap blend slider to exceed 1.0
    • Allows you to boost the lightmap in relation to the SSPT emission
  • Fixed NaN issues with nVidia drivers and wetness puddles
  • Dimmed reflection of below-horizon skybox areas
  • Fixed emission on metallic objects


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