FastPBR v1.0 – Initial Release

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Hey folks,

It is finally time for the first full release of FastPBR, a pack on which I’ve started working quite some time ago when I wanted to make a realistic looking pack but with a heavy focus on performance. As most of you know I’ve put this pack on hold for a long time since then, up until recently. Its visual style also changed significantly from the original version of it as anyone who used it can tell, which was mostly due it the lack of a specific visual goal back then, so I was just putting things together without much thought at first. As the new features offered by Iris’ seemed like a good opportunity to make a fast shaderpack that still offers high-quality visuals (albeit with a rather limited palette of features as I wanted to keep a certain performance target), I had decided to rebuild this pack from scratch, since I wanted make its visuals feel more unique while also doing things properly under the hood.

Obviously its feature-set grew with the complete rewrite, as it also offers optional screen-space indirect lighting using horizon-based indirect lighting (HBIL) as well as temporal anti-aliasing upscaling (TAAU) now, but I still tried to keep it as streamlined as possible.

Contrary to what some people think, PBR does not equal support for resource-pack materials, before you assume that this pack supports those due to its name. PBR refers to PBR atmospherics in this case, and to an extent also to its lighting approach (although it’s geared towards performance), so reflections based on resource-pack specular data is not supported, normal-maps however are.

As this is the first proper release of this pack there isn’t much of a changelog to go through now, so I’ll just skip to the downloads now. I hope that you’ll enjoy this new shaderpack :)


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