Development Update – February 2021


Another month, another development update.

Kappa Shader

Kappa Shader v3.0 finally made its public release last month, with a hotfix version right afterwards… as it should be. However there have been numerous changes to Optifine in the last few weeks, which enabled me to start working on the big revamp that not only merges the full and lite version into one big codebase, but also allows me to introduce a massive performance uplift. There will be more details about this soon, but trust me when I say that this is going to be one hell of an update.

Aside from that, version 3.1 is also already in the making since I came up with a bunch of minor additions and adjustments. These include some new features like cloud shadows, localized cloud coverage and also anamorphic depth of field. Overall that version is mostly a refinement pass and a preview can already be found on patreon for tier 2 supporters.

Nostalgia Shader

Nostalgia shader recieved another steady stream of updates in the last month, ranging from color adjustments to the revival of the old fashioned lens flare. The foundation for supporting “The End” has also been laid out, but I am still trying to come up with something unique to be done for that in terms of visuals and effects. Other than that it has been lots of tweaking and polishing all around, which lead to the pack be in a pretty good state so far, so I felt comfortable with releasing a preview version for all patrons, regardless of the tier you chose on patreon.

Potato Shaders

This is a small and rather lightweight pack that I started to work on. It is particularly unique among my packs due to not relying on a shadowmap for its lighting, thus making it even more performant than the others. Its still very much a work in progress and aims, as its name indicates, at the very low end of the spectrum while still providing some visual fancyness. A preview of that is available for all patrons as well.

How things are going otherwise

The last month seems to have brought quite a lot of momentum for my projects, as I am not only close to cracking one million total downloads on curseforge, but also already cracked 100€ per month on patreon which is quite insane if I am honest. I want to thank you all very much for the ongoing support at this point since it’s quite staggering for me to watch how this seems to blow up lately as I never expected things to grow that much over such a short timespan.


Thats everything for now, see y’all next month.


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