Kappa Shader v3.1

It's time for a couple refinements and improvements to the new things that have been introduced with Kappa v3.0. Especially clouds and SSRT emission have received some big improvements as well as water waves. Additionally there have also ben various color related tweaks.

Enjoy the update and once again a big shoutout to my patrons and the testing folks on my discord server.


  • adjusted color grading
  • minor atmosphere adjustments
  • improved indirect lighting behaviour
  • adjusted auto exposure behaviour
  • improved planar clouds lighting
  • improved volumetric clouds lighting
  • added localised cloud coverage
  • fixed rendering issues with ssrt emission
  • improved ssrt emission and global illumination
  • improved water waves
  • added setting to control wetness mode
  • exposued various new settings to control colors
  • added support for anamorph depth of field
  • added cloud shadows
  • tweaked nether lighting
  • added setting for texture based emission
  • improved RSM anti bleeding solution
  • fixed end and nether (3.1a hotfix)

Known Issues:

  • weather particles do not render in minecraft 1.15 and newer when using the full version


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Curseforge downloads offer me support due to the Curseforge-Rewards program, so unless they are unreachable I'd encourage you to download it via Curseforge.

Kappa Shader v3.1a Kappa Shader v3.1a
Kappa Shader v3.1 Lite Kappa Shader v3.1 Lite


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