Burton Skin Pack #2 v1.0 (Arkham Knight Mod)

Hey folks,

I have finally finished the Burton Skin Pack #2, after having started work on it months ago lol. It features three skins again (an no surprises this time), two of which are completely new and one that is more of a spontaneous addition to substitute for my impossible-to-port blue and grey armoured Burton suit. I hope you like these three new skins :)

Classic Burton Batsuit

This is the blue and grey batsuit of Keatons Batman that we’ve seen in the suit chamber in The Flash. As it’s a bit difficult to get good pictures of the actual suit prop and not just of toys made after the movie I’ve taken some liberties with the design (not that I already do this anyways, but this time I’ve added a more significant touch of my own than usual when making an existing design). I’m quite happy with how it turned out, as it has a distinct look and yet still feels like a Burton suit. I actually wanted to make this suit for a while, but I just never got around to it until now.

Blue and Grey 2023 Batsuit

I’ve had the idea for this one a few days ago, and it became the spontaneous addition to this skin pack that I mentioned earlier. Since my armoured/high-mobility blue and grey Burton suit continues to prove unreasonable or almost impossible to port without cutting back on all its unique armour details I thought that this could make for a nice substitute. This suit shares the same colour scheme and I’ve also done some dedicated material detailing to make it feel like more than just a simple reskin/recolouring of the 2023 suit I already made.

Batman ’89 Comic Batsuit

I originally made this suit quite a while ago and started working on this skin pack shortly after I finished it, then just never got back to it but it is finally done now. I’ve tried some more unique approaches for the visor eyes, which have a glass-like look and a nice colour gradient as I felt that flat, white eyes would just look a bit out of place on a suit that has realistic shading and materials otherwise. In addition to that I’ve given the whole suit a purple Fresnel falloff which is reminiscent of how it was shaded in some of the comic’s panels, and it also sets it apart from the regular 1989 suit.

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Installation Notes

This skin requires that you own the 1989 Movie Batsuit and Batmobile DLC, the Earth 2 Batsuit DLC as well as the Bat-Family Skin Pack and have them installed.

To install this mod simply drop the RBurton2 folder from the unpacked download into Batman Arkham Knight/DLC/401621 (the entire folder, not just its contents).


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

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