Supporter Updates 2023-01

Oi folks,

I’ve made some interesting updates again, with Soft Voxels taking advantage of Iris‘ more expansive capabilities now.

NostalgiaVX P8e

I’ve fixed a couple more bugs lately, so there are no huge changes as I am testing a lot of new things with Iris and Soft Voxels for now.


  • Added display colour gamut setting
  • Fixed screen-space reflections in The Nether

Screenshot made by JDaddy

Soft Voxels P6(c)

As most of you might already know, I have started to leverage a lot of new features that Iris’ offers or makes actually usable to improve Soft Voxels. This means that large parts of the shaderpack are now seeing some reworks. A few notable additions would be optional ray guiding as well as spherical harmonics for the path-traced lighting, both of which are giving the visual quality a significant boost. As I still have to optimise and clean up a lot of the new code the performance isn’t quite as high as before with these additions, but I should be able to reach a similar level of performance once the aforementioned things are sorted out. In addition to that there are also a lot of other parts that could potentially benefit a lot from things such as compute shaders, so there is still a lot of work ahead of me in that regard. The improved visuals should be worth the performance hit as-is nonetheless though, as things just look crisper and more responsive than before.

Keep in mind that version P6 and newer are now requiring Iris 1.5.0 or newer and do not work with OptiFine anymore.


  • Requires Iris 1.5.0 or newer
    • OptiFine is no longer supported (unless it magically catches up with the extra features Iris’ offers)
  • Path-traced lighting now uses spherical harmonics
    • Helps with preserving a lot of clarity around edges
  • Added ray-guiding (disabled by default)
  • Various internal changes
    • Lighting as well as denoising now rely on compute shaders
  • Added Display P3 option to the display colour gamut selection
  • Sharp direct lighting is now enabled in quality preset
  • Default cone angle value of sharp direct lighting has been raised to 0.25 (was 0.14 before)
  • Adjusted SVGF denoiser behaviour
  • Indirect lighting resolution can no longer be configured
    • Due to technical reasons it is now internally locked to 50% of the render resolution
  • Fixed various new issues with nVidia GPUs
  • Adjusted TAAU behaviour
  • Adjusted LPV intensity in volumetric fog

Screenshot made by JDaddy


I hope you’ll enjoy these updates as always, also hi to all the new patrons. Reached another record of over 900 patrons this month thanks to you all :)


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