NostalgiaVX P4


another NostalgiaVX update is finally ready and I’ve got a bulk of fancy additions this time. This also includes the worldspace reflections i was teasing, although be aware that these are a work in progress. Especially the accumulation of the reflections can get very smeary when moving around, but its something that I’ll have to work out with the very limited space for data (thanks optifine) for now. I’ve also brought some things up to par with the latest test previews of Nostalgia 4.0, which includes the Depth of Field focus modes as well as weather support.


  • added DoF focus modes
  • added proper weather support
  • added basic water refractions
  • added worldspace reflections using voxels
  • added reflections denoiser
  • added support for lowres reflections (25% by default)
  • added “bloomy fog”
  • fixed emitter luminance masking
  • removed reflection capture, replaced by voxel reflections

As always I hope you folks enjoy this update :p

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