Nostalgia Shader v4.0

  • Nostalgia Shader and Vanillaccurate
After months of work this quite extensive update is finally ready.
As you may already know I’ve intended to give Nostalgia Shader the same sort of extensive overhaul that Kappa Shader recieved with version 4.0, thus there are many new things in this release. An example of that would be the addition of screenspace path-tracing as you already know it from Kappa Shader, which can be enabled in the settings and is also an automatically enabled part of the “Ultra” profile in the shaderpack settings. I have made some pack specific alterations of course, with the intention of it mirroring the looks of NostalgiaVX to have a viable free alternative, similar to the relationship between Kappa Shader and KappaPT.
I have also put some of the new optifine features we’ve recieved earlier this year to good use, which not only helps with performance but also allows for much nicer overall visuals. This also allowed me to bring over many of the small internal improvements and updates of version 4 of Kappa Shader, which includes the much nicer auto exposure for example.
Ontop of that I have decided to do some touchups and overhauls on various elements of Nostalgia Shader, which you can especially see in the much more atmospheric visuals in the nether and the end dimensions.
Overall this update irons out the struggles version 3 had and brings the pack closer to the way I want it to be like, and I hope you’ll enjoy this update and that it’s worth the wait :p
(Also excuse me resuing the screenshot gallery from this months devblog, but I am kinda running out of motives for “promo-screenshots”. I might have to start using some of the awesome shots people post on my discord server at this point, or ask some of them to make shots for these updates.)

Only 1.16.4+ is supported at this moment since the new OptiFine features have not yet been backported! Also needs OptiFine G7 or newer.


  • overhauled lighting
    • added optional SSPT
      • provides colored block emission as well as improved ambient occlusion
      • automatically enabled with “Ultra” profile
    • added optional denoiser for indirect lighting
      • recommended to be used with SSPT
    • improved overall lighting performance and quality
      • removed usage of vanilla ao due to its visual artifacts, may be readded as an option later
      • revamped blocklight behaviour and coloring
  • overhauled skybox internals
    • improved skybox computation performance
  • improved resourcepack reflections
  • added reflection capture, similar to Kappa Shader’s equivalent
  • overhauled auto exposure behaviour
  • tweaked tonemap response
  • various fixes and changes related to Minecraft 1.17
  • overhauled “Nether” visuals
  • overhauled “The End” visuals
  • improved parallax occlusion mapping (POM)
  • improved visuals of dense fog through the usage of “Bloomy Fog”, similar to an approach used by Chocapic13
  • improved weather visuals
  • added proper night vision support
  • added various Depth of Field features
    • manual focus modes
    • anamorph bokeh
  • overall improved performance to visuals ratio
  • temporarily removed hardcoded ice material


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.
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Make sure to visit my discord server for support, development progress and other information.

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