KappaPT P13c and NostalgiaVX P6


since it feels a bit unreasonable to make posts for every small hotfix update I’ll just do bundled update posts like this from now on, which contain a bit more information at once. Changelogs for every update can also be found on my discord server with each release.

KappaPT P13c

I’ve finally added the janky lightleak workaround, even though I personally dislike it but with OptiFine’s lightleaking situation being as bad as it is now I felt like there isn’t really a way around it for now.


  • added optional lightleak workaround
  • reorganised some lighting related settings
  • fixed VoxelPT reflections when having resourcepack reflections disabled

Screenshot made by Noelle on my Discord Server

NostalgiaVX P6

The lightleak workaround is also present in NostalgiaVX now. I’ve also finally added emission color settings and fixed some of the lighting color related settings as those were broken for some reason.


  • added emission color settings
  • added optional lightleak workaround
  • fixed broken lighting color settings
  • fixed sky occlusion when using VoxelPT reflections
  • minor volumetric fog tweaks

Hodilton has also made another showcase, this time using NostalgiaVX so obviously I’ll include this here given how nice it turned out :p

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As always I hope you’ll like these updates :)

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