KappaPT P13b (also includes changelog for P13a)

Oi folks,

this post covers both P13a and b, as I didn’t make a dedicated post for P13a yet (been a bit busy).

I’ve added a LPV for emitters now, which is not too dissimilar from the lighting solution you know from NostalgiaVX actually. In practice this massively helps with making emission feel a lot more “filling” and far reaching than before, without causing extra noise or horrible undersampling artifacts (eg. fireflies) on emission from far sources. This gives the lighting a nice boost in quality, although it also comes at a small cost in the shape of emission bleeding into impossible directions at times, although that’s only an issue if you want the lighting to be as physically plausable as possible. In that case you can disable the LPV in the settings.

Another thing many of you will probably like is the addition of proper stair intersections (finally).


  • fixed sky below Y=0
  • added LPV for emitters
  • added irradiance cache range settings
  • improved irradiance cache stability in motion
  • added support for stair intersections
  • improved POM slope normal calculation (thanks to Null511)

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I hope you’ll enjoy these changes as always :)

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