Supporter Updates 2023-05 (NostalgiaVX again)

Oi folks,

NostalgiaVX has received some more updates again and its rework has still been my main focus in the last few weeks, but I feel like it has reached a solid state now. Almost all features that broke with the very first version of the rework are working again aside from the Voxel-PT reflections, but those will be overhauled soon anyways and are currently mostly working like they did before.

I have also removed spherical harmonics again, which in turn speeds up the denoising stage as it requires less texture samples that way (and there are further optimisations that I can utilise in that regard) while having little visual impact.

Another feature that I have started working on is a temporal ray guiding step akin to ReSTIR, something that some of you might already know about. Full ReSTIR isn’t viable yet, as I don’t have enough space in the pipeline to store the necessary data for it, but that might be alleviated with an upcoming Iris update.

So all in all the bulk of the work is done now and NostalgiaVX is no longer plagued by inconsistent performance and I can go ahead with some of the more exciting new changes and I hope that you’ll like some of those upcoming updates :)

NostalgiaVX P9c Changelog (includes all changes since the last update post)

  • Re-added support for The Nether and The End
  • Fixed partially broken indirect lighting on waving foliage
  • Voxel-PT reflections are partially working now
  • Fixed shaky TAA at 100% resolution scale
  • Fixed broken LPV fog contribution
  • Fixed missing fog ambient lighting
  • Fixed various regressions related to small non-cubic emitters (such as candles)
  • Fixed broken weather particles
  • Removed spherical harmonics in favour of improved denoiser performance
  • Added very experimental ray guiding using temporal data
    • has various of issues atm and is disabled by default
    • replaces previous ray guiding option
  • Adjusted denoiser parameters
  • Adjusted lighting upscaler
  • Minor emission adjustments to bring the visuals more in line with pre-rework visuals
  • Fixed distance fogging in The End
  • Changed ambient light behaviour in The End for improved visibility

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