NostalgiaVX P5


its time for yet another update with something many of you probably have been waiting for, namely Nether Support. As Nostalgia Shader v4.0 is now finished I felt like I was good to go on migrating the nether support to NostalgiaVX, which isn’t a massive undertaking thanks to me designing the codebase for both packs at the same time to make things like these easier for me to handle, as well as just generally. There’ve also been a few smaller changes as well, including 1.18 block mappings thanks to the user DHL_DerBote1969.


  • fixed disabling bloom
  • reflections should be a bit less noisy
  • added support for the nether
    • should mostly match visuals of the nether in Nostalgia Shader v4.0, with obvious additions related to the more advanced lighting
  • added various block mappings for 1.18 (thanks to DHL_DerBote1969)

I hope you folks will enjoy the update as always :)

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