A little preview of Kappa v3.0

Oi folks,

as the people that keep an eye on my Discord server or my Patreon page already know, Kappa v3.0 is slowly but surely making progress towards the initial public test versions. A test-version of Kappa Lite v3.0 is is already freely available on my discord server while the regular version is still in the Patreon preview stage due it being rather unrefined as of now. As you can see in the slideshow above this text, there has once again been a steep visual improvement over the previous major version, which is also in part why this update takes so much time. I essentially rewrote and modernized a huge part of the shaderpack with various big internal changes (it now renders in the ACEScg/AP1 colorspace throughout the entire pipeline for example, which leads to much better overall results when compared to a traditional linear sRGB pipeline). Additionally there are some fancy new features that you could guess from those images, which are quite an improvement over “normal” indirect and block lighting.

Stay tuned for when it reaches its release date.

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