Kappa Shader v5.0 Preview Launch

Oi folks,

the first preview of version 5.0 of Kappa Shader is now available for tier 2 subscribers. It is a fairly early preview though, as there are still a couple things on my todo-list that I want to include with version 5.0 (eg. reworking the 2D clouds to fit in with the overhauled volumetrics) but regardless of that I felt like it’d be a good time to give some of you a taste of the upcoming update :)

Obviously public test versions will follow later on as the update gets closer to the release.

Full Changelog since 4.2:

  • overhauled skybox
    • multiple layers of volumetric clouds
    • dynamically changing cloud types and coverages
    • cloud system driven by randomised weathermaps
    • anvil clouds during rain
    • improved cloud upscaler
    • support for lightning bolts
    • elevation dependent sunlight
  • fixed nether with disabled advanced emission
  • adjusted water normals
    • water normal shape slightly affected by weather system
  • wind effects now slightly vary in behaviour based on the weather system
  • temporally accumulated effects now respond to world time changes
  • added local exposure
  • added TAAU at 0.75x by default
  • improved SSPT emission behaviour
  • fixed nether when disabling advanced sspt emission
  • fixed bloom with disabled volumetric fog

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