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Its finally time for the big refinement pass of Kappa 4.0, which should improve upon many of the weaker points as well as providing a much more consistent and appealing look.

In order to achieve that I’ve been spending a lot of time on tweaking all the internal knobs and replacing bits and pieces here and there to iron out many of the things that I still deemed suboptimal in 4.0’s release. This includes the rather harsh and slightly cold look at daytime, the lackluster filtering of the SSPT, the exposure behaviour in dark scenes with bright spots as well as a variety of other minor things. Perfection is lots of little things done well, and this release should get one step closer to that thanks to all the little things that have been tweaked and improved upon. As its quite a list of changes I’ll let you scoop through the changelog below now and then take a look at it yourself when testing the pack. I hope many of you will like the changes :p

Only 1.16.4+ is supported at this moment since the new OptiFine features have not yet been backported! Also needs OptiFine G7 or newer.


  • Improved SSPT, emission and indirect light
    • emission color handling now matches KappaPT
    • adjusted labPBR emission behavior (curve can be adjusted in the settings as well)
    • accumulation should be much more responsive
    • improved SVGF filtering
    • adjusted skylight
    • adjusted default blocklight color temperature
  • Improved cloud lighting
    • reduced  “dirty cotton” look
    • silver lining effect can be boosted in the settings
  • Overhauled tonemap, exposure behaviour and atmosphere parameters
    • slightly warmer overall sunlight
    • adjusted atmosphere coefficients, resulting in slightly different color responses
    • boosted moonlight brightness
    • replaced tonemap operator with a more custom ACES solution
    • changed default moonlight color
    • fixed sun and moonlight illumination settings
    • improved auto exposure behaviour in dark scenes
  • Improved skybox projection
    • fixes various blocky artifacts and perspective issues that may occur
  • Improved performance with cloud shadows
  • Overhauled reflection capture
    • should fix a variety of issues when indoors or changing from outdoors to indoors
  • Minor TAA improvements
  • Changed metal albedo application to follow past debates on labPBR more closely
  • Added a variety of Depth of Field Focus settings
    • manual focus options (thanks to )
    • option to visualise focus plane
  • Adjusted bloom behaviour in dark scenes
  • Improved POM self shadowing (thanks to null511)
  • Added settings to control purkinje effect
  • Adjusted default purkinje tint
  • “freezeAtmosAnim”now also affects wind effects
  • Fixed tile-y artifacts with lens flares (hopefully)
  • Fixed bloom artifacts when using lens flares
  • fixed indoor fog when having volumetric fog disabled
  • A variety of other minor tweaks and fixes
  • Added various 1.17 emitter mappings
  • Pack now requires OpenGL 4.3 (GLSL 430)


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Kappa Shader v4.1 Kappa Shader v4.1


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