Development Update – October 2023

Oi folks,

It is once again time for a development update, and this time finally with some solid progress on the KappaPT rework, of which there is also a first preview available now.


As you might already know I’ve released the first preview of the ongoing rework of this pack a few weeks ago, and so far it seems to be fairly solid aside from some minor issues and the rather unfinished overall state of it. Those things are to be expected though as I’m trying to iron out any major issues first but it seems like the preview is actually in a decent state, as I didn’t receive any complaints about major issues or game-breaking bugs which is a good sign. My goal for the next version is to clean up all of the leftover code from a lot of the reworked or replaced features while also updating the rest of the pack to match the latest Kappa Shader updates. After that it’s finally time to re-add the support for The Nether and The End.

I am also looking into various new additions such as ReSTIR that I’d like to add further down the line, but for now I want to get things working first.

You can find the full release notes for the rework preview here: Link

Other Shaderpacks

As I am slowly working my way through the KappaPT rework, I am starting to also gather some minor additions that I want to make to my other shaderpacks since those have been on the backburner for a while now, despite many of them receiving major updates not too long ago. One of those additions would be a gamut compression operator that is part ACES 1.3, which helps a lot with reducing the “burned colours” on very saturated objects and emitters. Aside from that I am also tinkering with a more custom ACES-type tonemapping operator, which should also allow for easy HDR display output support once that becomes a thing (I’ve seen some devs fiddling with that recently, so I’d like to be ready for that). Other than that I am quite frankly not sure what I’d change about most of my packs in terms of visuals, it seems like I have actually managed to get them into a pretty solid overall state across the board which is almost unbelievable with my never-ending perfectionism lol. I guess it’s more focusing on bugfixes for me until I have any new ideas.

Closing Words

I’m finally making some good progress with KappaPT again as you can see, so actually going a bit slower for a while helped with getting a clearer mind that lets me focus better, and the fact that the weather doesn’t do crazy temperature shifts anymore also helps. I’m also trying to work through my nigh-infinite to-do list of things, as there were lots of things I wanted to do but never did because I already found another new thing to work on. That’s why I’ve been a bit laser-focused on the KappaPT rework regarding shaderpack stuff, as it’s just been so long overdue.

It’s also time for another big thanks to my supporters on Patreon, who were once again in record territory. I’ll try to give you some more shaderpack updates again from now on, now that the biggest hurdles of the KappaPT rework are done :)

That’s it for this month folks, stay tuned for more updates and enjoy Spooky-Month (lol)!

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