KappaPT P13

Hey folks,

it’s time for a slightly larger update again, which also features some changes that are coming with Kappa Shader v4.2, mainly regarding the skybox.


  • added settings to control colors and brightness of hardcoded emitters
  • added settings to control brightness of generic emitters
    • color of the base texture is used on generic emitters
  • vastly improved cloud lighting (from Kappa 4.2)
    • thanks to Zombye
  • improved atmosphere
    • new planet surface proxy to fill area below horizon
    • fake bounced light to improve overall look and feel around the horizon area
    • added a few more settings to control these additions
  • clouds are now also temporally accumulated when disabling the temporal upscaling
  • updated block mappings for 1.18 thanks to DHL_DerBote1969

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As always I hope you enjoy this update :)

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