Vanilla Plus Shader v2.0


  • overhauled various internals
  • improved ambient colors
  • merged different editions into one version with a color preset setting
    • no need to download separate versions for Chocapic and Seus v08 colors anymore
  • vastly improved perfomance in gpu limited scenes
  • overhauled and optimized clouds
  • reworked presets
  • fixed various bugs
  • temporarily removed resource pack support
    • will be added back with the next update
  • various other improvements I am too lazy to list here


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

Curseforge downloads offer me support due to the Curseforge-Rewards program, so unless they are unreachable I'd encourage you to download it via Curseforge.

Vanilla Plus Shader v2.0 Vanilla Plus Shader v2.0


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