Kappa Shader v2.0 Lite

This is the first version of Kappa Lite

I decided to publish it as a public Release Candidate to bridge the time until I am done updating the regular Kappa version.

That may take some time since I also want to update some of my other projects before that (eg. Vanilla Plus).

Changes compared to Kappa 1.1

  • complete atmospheric overhaul
  • atmosphere simulation for sky
  • vastly improved and optimized volumetric clouds
  • improved fog and water volume
  • redesigned general look and feel
  • improved water
  • vastly improved caustics
  • vast optimizations to improve performance
  • improved reflections
  • many other internal improvements and bugfixes

Differences compared to the regular Kappa version

  • volumetrics are done in quarter res for improved performance
  • resourcepack pbr is not supported
  • depth of field is not supported
  • various effects are being done through different ways to improve performance
  • only simple soft shadows are available
  • no global illumination solutions
  • probably some more I forgot about

Download: Kappa v2.0 Lite RC

By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

Make sure to visit my discord server for support, development progress and other information.

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