Potato Shader v1.0a and a small general status update

Status update and absence of devblog:

As some of you may have noticed, things have been going a bit slowly on my end lately which is due to some personal stuffs that kinda made it difficult to keep working at the pace I usually have. The lack of updates is also why there is no devblog for this month, since there just isn't really enough stuff to justify a blogpost. I hope to pick up at my regular pace soon-ish though, so stay tuned.

Nonetheless I've done at least some things in the last few days, including this small update for Potato Shaders.


  • fixed enchantment overlays
  • improved water visuals when looking upwards
  • tweaked bloom intensity and behavior
  • tweaked tonemap behavior

Known Issues:

  • occasional fireflies in the nether


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Potato Shader v1.0a Potato Shader v1.0a


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