Kappa Shader v0.6

New Features and Additions

  • added option for 2 samples on volumetric fog
  • added parallax mapping
  • reworked water normals
  • added cheap lighting mode for layered clouds
  • slightly decreased sun disk size
  • added lens flares
    • chapman lens flare
    • anamorphic lens flare
  • extended supported pbr formats
  • added subtile fog cloud effect
  • added ACES tonemap

Improvements and Fixes

  • improved wind effect
  • improved underwater fog
  • fixed issues with metal shading
  • fixed cave-fogging
  • fixed cave reflections
  • optimized disabled features
  • internal optimizations
  • fixed cloud density not adapting to sample count
  • fixed pbr on non-terrain elements
  • fixed particles being dark
  • fixed disabling wind effects breaking terrain
  • fixed artifacts on nvidia cards
  • fixed entity pbr
  • fixed sun being visible during rain
  • fixed fog density changing with render distance
  • fixed auto exposure behavior
  • improved aces tonemap (now overall default)
  • fixed issue on nVidia when enabling POM
  • ported ACES and Auto Exposure improvements from upcoming release

Download: Kappa v0.6

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