Kappa Shader v0.5

New Features and Additions

  • overhauled shadow projection
    • improved edge behavior
    • very small shadow bias due to improvements
    • higher quality shadowing on translucency
  • new shadow filtering
    • including soft and sharp shadows
    • much faster and better quality
    • three selectable quality presets
  • PCSS shadowing
  • overhauled volumetric clouds
    • new, more authentic cloud shape using worley noise
    • vastly improved performance
    • increased cloud quality by improving sample distribution
    • new and more accurate lighting modes
    • improved inscattering approximation
    • multiscattering
  • new layered clouds
    • faster than volumetrics but at lower cost and better scalability
    • featuring similar lighting and shape to the volumetric clouds
  • reworked 2D clouds
    • new shape for improved visuals
    • now lit properly
  • overhauled volumetric fog
    • improved coloring
    • improved distance based density
    • improved height falloff
    • proper underwater fogging
  • new cloud reflections
    • no longer relying on screen space for cloud reflections
  • overhauled water
    • including caustics that also affect underwater fog
    • new water normals
    • water refraction
  • new lava fogging
  • overhauled sky
    • featuring a semi-physical circular sun disk
    • better gradients and more realistic appearance
    • reworked sky colors
  • options to use world time for animation
  • new metal-specific shading option
  • resource pack support
    • featuring pbr and normal mapping
  • reworked biome specific effects
  • more settings exposed to settings screen

Improvements and Fixes

  • overall improved performance
  • more correct interaction of screen space reflections and volumetric fog
  • fixed fog and translucency
  • improved screen space reflection quality
  • old lighting is now disabled by default
  • optimized wind effects
  • fixed small issue in daytime calculation
  • fixed entity issues
  • fixed entity overlays
  • fixed beacons being dark

Download: Kappa v0.5

By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

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