Development Update – December 2021

Oi folks,

this time there’s quite a few things to go through, including some updates that turned out to be quite fancy but first off there are some important changes regarding the organisation of my Patreon page.

Changes regarding Patreon-Content

As there has been a bit of a surge of piracy and copyright infringement activities caused by a small but noisy group of people, I have decided to implement a tracking solution that allows me to trace the users that are sharing my works. This should be effective enough to stop most of these activities without being too much of a hassle for you people who appreciate my work (and thankfully you guys are the vast majority).

How to get paid shaderpacks now

In order to get access to my paid shaderpacks you will have to join my Discord Server and connect your Patreon and Discord accounts. The procedure for this is explained here.

Once you’ve done that and have your supporter role on my server (you’ll have to be a patron obviously), you can then just enter a command in a designated channel and will be sent the shaderpack you have requested. You will have to have direct messages enabled during that, so that the Discord bot that sends you the pack can actually message you.

As of now the bot is not fully ready for use yet, but hopefully it will be soon once some remaining issues are worked out. Once it is fully working I’ll let you people know. Until then update releases for KappaPT and NostalgiaVX are on hold, but I am also using that time to focus more on my other projects to finally finish off some loose ends there.

I’m sorry for the minor inconvenience caused by this, but as these projects make up a relevant part of my monthly income by now I’ll have to take measures against such activities if I want to be able to continue devoting as much time to these projects that you all like and love.

Content Migration to my Website

I have recently discovered that there is a plugin made by Patreon that allows me to integrate my Patreon page and my website, which seems like a very useful way of streamlining update posts and such into a single platform, rather than having this weird split like I do now. In order to access content that way, you’d just have to click the “Sign in with Patreon” button on the Supporter Area page, which will be accessible once I’ve set things up the way I want to.

This also means that I can finally do proper update announcements and changelogs for my paid packs on this website, as well as being able to also make benefits specifically for long term supporters, which is something Patreon itself doesn’t support but the plugin however does.

Now that this is sorted out, let’s get to some updates

Kappa Shader and KappaPT

I’ve done a few small tweaks to the night-time of the Kappa packs, so I’ll just cover them both at once here as it affects both the normal Kappa Shader and KappaPT.

I’ve raised the moonlight by a decent amount to improve visibility as well as reducing the overexposed look that emitters have produced during night-time. This should make things look a bit more coherent overall, with some improved and increased volumetric fog on top. The fog is now noticeably denser during night-time, which greatly aids in creating a more atmospheric look.

I have also added something similar to what you might know as “bloomy fog” in Chocapic13’s shaderpack, as it ended up being a single line of code that greatly increases the look in scenes with a lot of fog. You can see some examples in the attached gallery.

Another minor change that KappaPT received was a slight touchup of the specular denoiser, which is now no longer making water reflections look blurry at all times.

End support for KappaPT is also something that’s on my todo list now, as well as raytraced refractions, so stay tuned for these.

  • KappaPT and Vanillaccurate

Nostalgia Shader

Version 4.0 is now finally in the public testing phase, so make sure to grab a preview from the testing channel in my discord server.

There have been numerous changes and tweaks since last month, which includes the addition of support for The End, and that turned out to be significantly different from what you might remember from version 3. Check the attached gallery to see what I mean :p

The dimension support will obviously also make its way into NostalgiaVX, although with some smaller changes as you might expect.

I’ll try to get version 4.0 finished up before the holidays now, as it already took a lot longer than I anticipated but it’s safe to say that it’ll be worth it.

  • Nostalgia Shader and Vanillaccurate

Closing words

This blog entry was a bit less extensive than usually due to some irl stuff that kept me a bit occupied, but I think I already hinted at that in the last blog entry so I hope that’s understandable. Regardless of that I’ll have to give a huge shout-out to my supporters once more, as last month kept the crazy momentum and ended up with another record revenue which honestly amazes me every time it happens. So massive thanks to all you people who support me and appreciate my work, I am honestly extremely grateful for this and for being able to achieve this kind of success by doing the things that I enjoy and that you like.

The total downloads of my projects on Curseforge also seem to be nearing a new milestone, as there are currently 1.99 million reached a new milestone as there are over 2 million downloads in total which really is an insane number if you think about it, so all in all things are doing pretty damn well if I may say so and I am proud on achieving this kind of success thanks to all you folks.

I wish you all enjoyable holidays and a happy new year. Let’s see what 2022 has to offer and hope it’s going to put an end to the ongoing situation with Covid.

Until then, take care and enjoy the holidays y’all.



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