Potato Shader v1.0

After a couple months of development, this pack is finally ready to be released.

It is indeed a rather unique pack among my projects as well, being the only one that does not have dynamic shadows which was a challenge I was eager to take a shot at since it could lead to something that is more unique and interesting to work on than my other packs. Naturally the absence of a shadowmap also vastly improves performance, as the world geometry only needs to be rendered from the player's point of view. This should especially help users with an older CPU as the shadowmap essentially doubles the CPU load due to the world being rendered twice.

Despite that I tried to make some reasonably fancy visuals by leveraging simple diffuse shading in combination with normalmaps, some post processing as well as dynamic (and customizable) ambient colors.

I'd say the pack speaks for itself so make sure to give it a shot (once the download is approved on curseforge).

Known Issues:

  • occasional fireflies in the nether


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

Curseforge downloads offer me support due to the Curseforge-Rewards program, so unless they are unreachable I'd encourage you to download it via Curseforge.

Potato Shader v1.0 Potato Shader v1.0


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