Kappa Shader v2.0

Was about damn time, wasn't it?

Kappa 2.0 is finally ready for release, even though almost the entire Lens-Effects section is missing from 2.0. This is because I decided against doing a half-finished solution for them but instead I'll take the necessary time and add them with version 2.1 instead, in a completely overhauled way just like everything else. Kappa Lite (if haven't seen the respective post already) is a more lightweight version of Kappa with less fancy effects but also at least 40% faster in most cases. It is intended for less powerful machines or people that aim to play in high resolutions like 2160p without wanting to compromise too much on visuals. The exact differences are also detailed below.

Changes since Kappa 1.1:

  • complete atmospheric overhaul
    • atmosphere simulation for sky
    • vastly improved and optimized volumetric clouds
    • improved fog and water volume
    • redesigned general look and feel
    • improved water
    • vastly improved caustics
  • vast optimizations to improve performance
  • improved reflections
  • many other internal improvements and bugfixes
  • added simplified IBL ambient light
  • added RSM global illumination
  • vastly improved rough reflections
  • improved and updated labPBR support
  • added full academy color workflow (ACES)
  • improved screenspace reflections
  • various optimizations
  • added screenspace godrays on clouds
  • improved weather support
  • improved parallax occlusion
  • improved night vision support

Kappa Lite changes since the public release candidate

  • improved cloud shape and lighting
  • improved exposure
  • added full academy color workflow (ACES)
  • improved temporal dithering
  • improved fog
  • various optimizations and bugfixes
  • improved night vision support
  • many other things I adjusted while making the regular version, this version has to reflect eventual visual changes of course

Differences between Kappa and Kappa Lite

  • volumetrics are done in quarter res for improved performance
  • resourcepack pbr is not supported
  • depth of field is not supported
  • various effects are being done through different ways to improve performance
  • only simple soft shadows are available
  • no global illumination solutions


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

Curseforge downloads offer me support due to the Curseforge-Rewards program, so unless they are unreachable I'd encourage you to download it via Curseforge.

Kappa Shader v2.0 Kappa Shader v2.0
Kappa Shader v2.0 Lite Kappa Shader v2.0 Lite


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