Kappa Shader v0.8

New Features and Additions

  • overhauled volumetric and layered clouds
    • vastly improved cloud shape
    • major performance optimization on volumetrics
    • improved cloud lighting
  • reworked cirrus clouds
  • reworked fog scatter behavior
  • improved water volume
  • option for fast shadows using shadow2D
  • improved translucency shading
  • vastly improved custom water
    • underwater blurring
    • chromatic refraction
  • custom ice
  • procedural lava
  • fake GI-light bleed effect to temporarily replace proper GI (due to issues)
  • improved metallic reflection
  • added support for the LAB-PBR standard
  • added fake porosity effect (WIP)

Improvements and Fixes

  • fixed dark flame particles
  • overall improved performance
  • improved and optimized shadow filtering
  • precalculated bokeh shape for increased performance
  • optimized and cleaned internal code structure
  • readjusted many default settings
    • new default profile is "Ultra" with all profiles matched accordingly
  • additional stuff I can't recall atm
  • fixed black water volume in shaded areas
  • fixed custom lava flickering

Download: Kappa v0.8

By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

Make sure to visit my discord server for support, development progress and other information.

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