Kappa Shader v0.3

New Features and Additions

  • new shadow projection method
  • new diffuse shading
    • Oren-Nayar with calculated pseudo-roughness for terrain
    • Burley diffuse on water and translucency
  • improved cave darkness calculation
  • atmospheric sunlight using the implementation from Lee
  • added direct dithering to set screen color depth
    • should prevent dither pattern artifacts on certain displays
  • volumetric clouds
    • sort of cumulus-like shape
    • with directional lighting
  • volumetric fog
    • height based
  • volumetric lighting
  • 2D clouds
    • high altitude cirrus layer
    • also lit by sun/moon
  • biome dependent changes of sky, fog and clouds
  • proper night skybox with stars
  • custom filmic curve tonemap
  • new daytime calculation
  • AMD compatibility
  • directional lighting dependent AO
  • custom water normals and color
  • rough temporal anti-aliasing
  • smooth image based auto exposure
  • lowlight desaturartion and grain to simulate the human eye
  • proper ingame settings screen (will be expanded in the future)
  • sunlight color no longer get's mixed into the skylight color
  • Temporal dithering for clouds, fog and ao with TAA enabled

Currently not implemented / planned

  • atmosphere simulation for a more realistic sky (not yet implemented after rewrite)
    • based on the implementation of the "magnificent" Lee
  • Screen Space Reflections and Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • nether and end shaders

Improvements and Fixes

  • semi-fixed particle lighting
  • improved motionblur
  • vastly improved wind effects
  • improved translucency
  • improved water shading
  • improved soft shadowing
  • improved dither pattern filter for fog and clouds
  • improved AO algorithm
  • better bloom threshold falloff
  • changed emissive bloom behavior
  • cleaned up internal code structure
  • improved performance
  • TAA now properly applies in static scenes
  • added multiple auto-exposure modes as a possible workaround for issues

Download: Kappa v0.3

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