The Unreal Engine 4 Arkham Project


given that you found this post I am assuming you are already somewhat aware of what this project is, a prototype of the Arkham games, except on Unreal Engine 4. I am not yet certain about how detailed I will describe some of the methods I am using as it can get quite extensive.

What this is not going to be is an exact tutorial since I don’t have the time or the will to break things down that much. Some degree of experience with using Unreal Engine as well as 3Ds Max and Gildor’s Unreal Extraction Tool is expected in order to understand most of what’s going to be explained and shown in this blog. If you never used Unreal Engine before, you’re better off just experimenting with it without any extensive goals in order to learn how to use it. Straight up jumping into a project like this is extremely difficult without some pre-existing knowledge and can be very frustrating.


I won’t provide full project downloads for some very simple reasons:

  1. Copyright: Since it includes a lot of ripped assets from the original games, distributing them like that would violate the copyright of them. I do not want to get into any trouble because of that and its not extremely difficult to extract the assets yourself.
  2. File Size: Since I am shoving many unused or testing-assets into the project, its overall size is exceeding what would be reasonable to be uploaded and cleaning up all unused assets would be extemely time consuming.
  3. Learning Effect: I am not a fan of just providing finished code for someone to use, but rather of explaining the method so you can learn to make it yourself which is much more beneficial and rewarding for you as everyone can copy existing code, but few can come up with original logics.
  4. Its a mess: As I just mentioned above, the project is full of random assets and its file and naming schemes are all over the place since I worked on it every now and then, revamping big parts of it out of nowhere, moving assets around and even having duplicates since I couldn’t be bothered with going through horrible file-structures I made at an earlier point. If anyone else was to open the project, they would most likely be confused what they should look for, as it has four revisions of the main player logic, dozens of material shading revisions as well as lingering assets from various tests.

I think this should make clear why I am not very fond of distributing the project like that and I hope it is also understandable.

The next post will be the first actual content and most likely covering the asset extraction process as a start. Thats it for now and thank you for reading.


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