Development Update – December 2020

An update on the development progress of my various shaderpacks, including Kappa Shader, Nostalgia Shader and Vanilla Plus as well as a small announcement of a pack that has not yet seen much public attention.

Nostalgia Shader v2.1

Changelog: fixed labPBR emission fixed night vision added wetness puddles added lens flare based on BSL improved image sharpening fixed saturation and vibrance bugs on nVidia GPUs Downloads: By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here. Curseforge downloads offer me support due to the Curseforge-Rewards program, so unless […]

Nostalgia Shader v2.0

Changelog: overhauled visuals improved and optimized clouds improved reflections overall improved performance improved resourcepack support added support for labPBR 1.2 new custom water improved and optimized volumetric fog added water volume improved water normals improved beaconbeam various improved effects (bloom etc.) improved weather support various […]